Hair colour company manufactures hand sanitiser

Tuesday April 7th, 2020


These are trying times for everyone and while many firms shut down amid the coronavirus spread, Herb UK have taken a different approach and have looked at all possible angles to help the community around them and support their employees by continuing operations as not all employees have the option to work from home.

Since Herb UK use alcohol in a lot of their products, they decided to switch their use of alcohol to produce hand sanitisers – a product in high demand at the moment.

Managing Director of Herb UK, Raoul Perfitt, said: “It’s certainly interesting and challenging times. We are trying to do our bit to support the local area and keep things going. It will also keep 25 people in employment – as our production employees cannot work from home.”

The team at Herb UK, have worked tirelessly to get this product off the lines. Over 100 hand sanitisers have already been donated to Lymington Hospital and Lymington Fire Station, as a thank you and gesture of support to our key workers near our headquarters.

The first batch rolled off the lines on the 30th March and is being released to businesses, community stores, hospitals and pharmacists in the local Lymington area. But as more roll off the production line it will be available for essential service operations across the UK.

One of the biggest challenges that Herb UK face is facing, is getting enough denatured ethanol which forms the base of the hand sanitiser.  They have therefore joined forces with a well-known whiskey distillery and a local gin distillery, Conker Spirit in order to obtain enough denatured ethanol to meet growing demand. Working together for the common good is what Herb UK believe will help the companies through these difficult times.

A limited amount of the 50ml Hand Sanitiser Spray have been made available to purchase online from the company’s retail brand, Tints of Nature.



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