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Monday July 22nd, 2019

Business Hampshire recently caught up with HTEC Eastleigh, a company who provide some of the world’s leading retailers with EPOS, payment and loyalty solutions. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry their software is designed with the forecourt and convenience market in mind. Processing over 2.5 million loyalty transactions across 5 countries, 100 million payment transactions each year, and 1.5 million stock files daily; they are committed to delivering the ideal solutions for your business to make you more efficient and profitable.

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Tell us a little about you…

HTEC has been innovating, developing, and installing hardware and software solutions for the convenience and forecourt market across the UK and Europe for nearly 40 years.  Our unparalleled knowledge and expertise paired alongside our state-of-the-art products are why we are recognised as leaders within the industry within EPOS, payments and loyalty sectors.


Where are you based?

HTECs headquarters is located in Eastleigh and houses 175 of our 250 employees who are all dedicated to developing, delivering and maintaining ideal solutions for our customers.


What was your first product you launched?

Our first product, launched in 1980, was a revolutionary board based on the S100 bus, an early system that transferred data between computer components. From there, we deployed our first loyalty solution into the forecourt market across the UK and Europe in 1991. Since then HTEC has firmly established itself within the industry by delivering and deploying our solutions across the UK and Europe, carefully developing our products to meet the stringent requirements of both the fuel & convenience market. Today, our equipment is used in more than half of the forecourts in the country!


Have you worked with local charities?

Through a partnership with The Pennies Movement, the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, HTECs merchants were able to raise a huge £1,115,083 million for charity in 2018. Roughly 32 charities were supported through this movement this year including Alzheimer’s Research UK, London’s Air Ambulance & Age UK.

At HTEC we are always seeking to stay at the forefront of technology. By bringing our wealth of experience & knowledge to the forecourt and convenience markets, we are able to offer our customers robust and secure software, hardware and support; we are the one-stop shop for all of your retail technology needs.


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