Help feed the nation and #PickForBritain

Thursday April 2nd, 2020



Farmers have warned of a shortage of seasonal labour and are urgently appealing for workers to help them work the land and feed the nation.

The UK needs 30,000 workers to support British farms and growers to help harvest fruits and vegetables, drive tractors and process and package the food items needed to keep the nation fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

So far 11,000 people have come forward but many more are needed to help get food from the fields to people’s plates.

If you are a student or are out of work, please get behind the farming community help feed the nation.

The Association of Labour Providers website provides information about all the roles that are available.  Anyone who signs up will be considered a key worker and will be able to continue travelling to work as usual and will also be entitled to educational support for their children.

Many farms pay the National Living Wage, meaning workers would earn around £400 a week.



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