Solent University launches business recovery commitment

Wednesday July 29th, 2020


Recognising its important role in promoting and supporting an economic revival, following the health, social and environmental issues that our communities are adapting to, Solent University is launching its Business Recovery Commitment.


“From Covid-19 to climate change and the fourth industrialisation, these global issues require a collaborative approach and firm commitment from people and their organisations to drive change and seize the opportunity,” says Professor Karen Stanton, Vice-Chancellor of Solent University.

“Here at Solent, we are committed to doing what we can to support businesses large and small, local and national to bounce back and to survive and thrive in these difficult times,” she continues.

“To ensure that we do our bit, we are committing ourselves to work alongside the business sector to provide practical help as well as smart thinking, research and knowledge exchange that will have a real impact.”

As well as helping national and multi nationals, the University is committed to working with start-ups, micro businesses and SMEs. Supporting not only for the private sector, but also social enterprises and the charitable sector.

Solent will be offering cost effective solutions for businesses and in some cases will be able to provide pro-bono support.

“Where we don’t charge, we would ask to take students on a placement, consider sending their staff on one of our CPD or apprenticeship programmes or taking part in one of our research programmes,” says Professor Stanton.

Solent is also interested in creating joint ventures and putting in shared bids for government or research council funding.

“Together we may be access funding that alone we could not, adds Professor Stanton.  “We are also aware that by working with business we will learn from them as they will learn from us, a true knowledge exchange,” she adds.

Home to world-class facilities, creative communities and a global reputation in fields including maritime, sport and fashion; working with business has long been in Solent’s DNA. With a wide range of business services, courses and specialist facilities, it is able to offer tailored solutions that support business growth.

To find out more about Solent University’s commitment and have a sneak preview of some of the exciting developments that it will be unveiling over the coming months visit



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