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for University of the Year 2017

Established in 1840 by the Church of England, this century-old university boasts great history and success.

With a growing reputation for research excellence and 82 % of submitted research recognised internationally, the University of Winchester tackles global challenges. Students are nurtured to become drivers of economic and social change, and the research projects undertaken explore a wide range of themes within the fields of sustainability, responsible business and management, information rights, and peace and reconciliation. Driven by enthusiasm, compassion, consideration, and spirituality, its mission is to educate its students, advance knowledge, and serve the common good.


Through its integrated thinking, the University of Winchester encourages students to take part in volunteering, to develop entrepreneurship, travel the world, engage in research, and in interdisciplinary studies. It has also proved to be sector leading in supporting young people who are less likely to access higher education. The University has recently promised to continue investing in widening participation, including a £2.9m in non-repayable fellowships, bursaries, scholarships, and prizes to support students.

With respect to research, the University of Winchester owns a Research Portal, where it showcases research undertaken across the University, featuring research units, research outputs, projects, prizes, and activities. It is also strong in international collaboration. More.

In January 2018, the University of Winchester started to work on its largest campus development, with a £48m teaching and learning building.

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