Test Valley businesses pull together in pandemic response

Tuesday April 14th, 2020


A number of local firms, who form part of Test Valley Borough Council’s Manufactured in Andover group, are developing crucial apparatus and ventilators to provide more equipment for health services in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

MRT Castings, based on Walworth Business Park, is producing multiple components needed for ventilators, and is working alongside other Andover businesses, including Perfect Bore Manufacturing from Portway Business Park, Air Vent Technology and Multax and others, to increase its capacity.

Air Vent Technology is currently working with the NHS to help produce air handling units for critical isolation wards. Those units extract old, stale air, while instead providing fresh, filtered clean air. The units themselves are designed, fabricated and manufactured in Andover.

Lee Fisher, manufacturing manager at Air Vent Technology, said: “Air Vent Technology Ltd is very proud to be doing all we can to help the NHS at this crucial time. We of course remain open to assist any current and future projects but are prioritising all Covid-19 or NHS enquiry to help support the vital work that our health services are doing across the country.”

Businesses can contact the council via


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