British Marine relocate to Southampton

Monday December 16th, 2019

MDL Marinas, Ocean Village Southampton

©MDL Marinas, Ocean Village Southampton


In order to achieve their 2025 strategic plan aspirations, British Marine have relocated to Ocean Village in Southampton.


The move will enable the organisation to remain accessible to its members and positions the organisation in the area in which 65% of the leisure marine workforce are located.

The UK’s largest festival of boating has taken place in Southampton for over 50 years and having the British Marine’s operational team close to the show site brings added benefits in terms of reduced travel time to meetings and closer relationships with the city.

Many of the nation’s maritime organisations are headquartered in Southampton and the city hosts several universities and further education colleges attracting tomorrow’s marine professionals. Transport links via road, rail and air are extremely convenient, allowing staff and visitors easy access to the office.

While being on the South Coast is convenient to many members and enables better direct member contact, British Marine will ensure that they continue to service their members by hosting alternate board meetings in the regions. In addition, they have reorganised their regional representation to better serve existing and new members through the whole country and will be creating regular regional workshop sessions across the UK.

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