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for global corporations' UK and European HQs


of aerospace & defence executives say their company is innovating

The Blue Economy

is estimated to be worth £3.2 trillion by 2030

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of the UK's growing space industry

Hampshire – a knowledge powerhouse


Join our thriving Business Ecosystem here in Hampshire. A place of sector expertise; major brand investment; innovative start-ups; global gateways to new markets and a world-class skills pipeline.

Hampshire is home to more than 1.3 million people, providing businesses with access to an incredible talent pool of people and unique strengths across diverse sectors including:


Aerospace and Defence

From the birthplace of manned flight, Hampshire is now the epicentre of this dynamic sector and its vital supply chain.

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Foundations built by leading institutions over decades have produced a specialist workforce, creating a circle of growth in this knowledge-based economy.

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Close to London and buzzing with talent, Hampshire is a magnet for global players and dynamic start-ups.

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Marine and Maritime

Home to more than 3,000 marine and maritime companies, Hampshire’s south coast location, supply chain, and world-leading research facilities create a thriving marine sector.

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Life Sciences

More than 150 life science companies are based here and many more are investing in Hampshire as their location of choice.

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