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Monday July 22nd, 2019

Inventions company Morgan Innovation and Technology has made its name designing, developing and manufacturing innovative products that change lives for the better – and investing 20% of turnover in helping inventors bring their ideas to market.


These inventions range from an anti-snoring device to preventing amputations thanks to a “diabetic boot”; and from early warning of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy to stroke rehabilitation. An exciting current project is a glove with touch technology that promises to revolutionise virtual reality. It provides the most realistic sensation of touch available and likely uses include bomb disposal and video gaming.

Morgan’s model has proved a recipe for business success and growth over the last decade has been phenomenal. Exports are up 200% and operating profit 5000%! Two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade (the world’s most prestigious business award) sit in the company’s Petersfield headquarters.

It now employs 37 staff, compared to 17 in 2009, and recruiting apprentices and graduates has brought an influx of young blood. In fact, investing in local people and passionately promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a big priority. It provides Morgan with a pipeline of talent along with a loyal and committed workforce, and is a frequent topic of interest in talks with industry partners looking for invention funding, angel investors and universities.

When it comes to finding new customers, networking and word-of-mouth marketing are most successful. The company works closely with universities and health science networks where many of its clients are active.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017, Morgan IAT raised profile and capitalised on its strong reputation in the market by launching the MIAT Innovation Prize. This awards £30,000 worth of R&D time rather than cash – making the prize unique – to an invention with “real commercial potential to change people’s lives for the better.” The inaugural winner was a life-changing device to detect disease using a smartphone.

Morgan was born and remains in Hampshire. The founders decided against moving to London because the company had grown up in the local area and staff all live locally. Quality of life, as well as work, is key to their philosophy and there is no question of uprooting and moving everyone / losing valued staff. Transport links to London and overseas are very good, the south of the UK is a recognised innovation hub and there are many engineering firms situated locally – all great reasons to stay. The business also has strong links with the local schools, colleges and universities it supports.

Its flagship invention is the NeuroTherm, a revolutionary concept that relieves back pain. Invented in 1989, it has become a world leader commanding 60-70% of the global pain-relief technology market and helping at least 10 million people. Some 10,000 NeuroTherm machines have been sold from South America to the Middle East, Australasia to Japan – every single one Made in Hampshire.

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