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Pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge in Hampshire


Strategically located within the wider South East, Hampshire is central to the UK’s life science activity; a sector that has grown significantly over the last five years. More than 150 companies are based here and many more are investing in Hampshire as their location of choice. On close examination you will see that Hampshire is a hotbed of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and skills. It is home to some of the biggest brands and keenest minds in the world.


Why Hampshire?

Hampshire is a hugely popular business location as it has one of the UK’s highest performing economies and is the largest sub-regional economy in the South East of England. It is also a location that can offer life science organisations the opportunity to invest and grow. Here you will find strong research and development capabilities, four world class universities full of innovation and talent and some of the UK’s pioneering medical institutions including the Centre for Cancer Immunology (the UK’s first centre dedicated to cancer immunology research), the Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics, Southampton Science Park and the National Biofilms Innovation Centre.

In Hampshire you can be a part of our exciting future, benefit from the investments and talent in the region and the many locational benefits such as location, connectivity, and the enviable quality of life the region has to offer as featured in the proposition.


A vibrant, diverse, and growing company base

The MedTech sector in Hampshire covers a wide range of technologies, serves global markets and are world leaders when it comes to implants, prosthetics and orthotics, surgical instruments, and devices. It accounts for 48% of the Hampshire life sciences sector overall.

Digital technology is also a prominent element in the county, representing around 10% of the economic output. One in five businesses in the region are in the science and technology sector. Digital Tech represents 16% of the Hampshire Life Sciences sector and represents a major growth area due to the concentration of digital eco system and existing strengths in artificial intelligence, gaming, and data science.

Lastly, the Biopharma sector represents 25% of the overall Hampshire life sciences sector and generates £4.1 billion in turnover, 22% of the UK total. Leading companies based here include: Eli Lilly, Thermo Fisher Scientific, TMC Pharma, Kinapse, Pall Biotech and the Biopharma Group.


We have the talent

Hampshire has a highly skilled population and a workforce of more than 700,000; more than two out of every five people of working age have a degree or equivalent level qualification. With more than 68,000 students across four universities, the skills base available to companies is outstanding.

Each university has an important role to play within the region’s wider innovation ecosystem in terms of fundamental research, translation and knowledge exchange, support for innovation and enterprise, and training and skills development.

One in five students in the region study life sciences topics, meaning businesses have ready access to the talent they need. More than 6,300 students studied biological sciences in Hampshire, nearly one in ten higher education students. A further 6,100 students study medicine and dentistry, or subjects related to medicine.


Get in touch

The Business Hampshire team are here to help you make the most of your business potential. Whether you have questions about the recruitment of skilled staff, require information and/or access to the centres of innovation and research or connections to educational, research and business support organisations our team are ready to provide all the support you need.

For more information contact Michelle McClean, Sector Growth Manager for Digital and Life Sciences, Michelle.McClean@hants.gov.uk.


Photography credits in top banner:
Image 1: The Centre for Cancer Immunology, University of Southampton. © Institute for Life Sciences, University of Southampton.
Image 2: Dr Claire Clarkin & Isabel Creith research sex differences which exist in bone diseases and the development of gender-specific therapies. © Institute for Life Sciences, University of Southampton.
Image 3 – © Blatchford.


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