The Isle of Wight is a Biosphere Reserve

Monday July 22nd, 2019

UNESCO Biosophere Reserve Isle of Wight Needles credit Visit Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight has been awarded UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status.


A “Biosphere Reserve” status is internationally recognised and – in gaining this status – the Isle of Wight has been recognised as offering one of the best areas in the world for managed landscapes where the human impact is not detracting from the landscape and wildlife, thanks to the work of various organisations and land-owners.

The Island’s elevation to UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status greatly enhances its reputation as a special place to live – and also, in tourism terms, to visit.

The Isle of Wight Biosphere Reserve is home to 140,000 inhabitants, making it the second most populous island in northern Europe. The Isle of Wight has a strong tradition of environmental action with numerous projects and initiatives promoting environmental education and awareness, increased community engagement, and healthier lifestyles and diets. The island is also developing eco-tourism and working with universities and institutions to foster environmental innovation and attract new investment, and testing new measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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