Last updated: 1st July 2021

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The UK has left the EU and the transition period has now ended. This means that the UK has now left the EU Single Market and Customs Union and EU law no longer applies in the UK. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement agreed in December 2020 changes the basis of our relationship with our European neighbours from EU law to free trade and friendly cooperation.

The government has produced a summary document which provides a high level overview of the changes agreed with the EU (“the Agreement”) and how they affect businesses and citizens.

The Department for International Trade has launched its new Internationalisation Fund for eligible businesses in England.  Match-funded grants of between £1,000 and £9,000 will be available for future activity (subject to eligibility and availability).

Recent updates

Importing and exporting

To export goods to the EU your business now needs to comply with new customs procedures, including UK export declarations and import requirements on entry to EU Member States. For importing goods into the UK, border controls are being introduced in stages to give businesses time to adapt, with full customs checks applying from January 2022.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce work with a number export/import agencies including the BCC Global Business Network, HM Revenue & Customs and the Department for International Trade (DIT).  They can provide support and advice to business in all areas of International Trade development, as well as up-to-date country information and advice on essential documentation.

Organisations that can help you

There are also a number of business support organisations that can provide additional information and advice.


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