ADS Digital Cabin – a new route to market for aircraft interiors SMEs

Tuesday October 5th, 2021


Ouno Creative has partnered with trade body ADS to bring a new virtual showroom to the global aerospace sector.


Hampshire-based creative agency Ouno developed the software to address what they saw as an unfulfilled market need, then sought backing from ADS Group (the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space trade body) to bring the idea to market.

The new platform – ‘ADS Digital Cabin‘  – puts potential buyers in the aerospace interiors market inside a virtual passenger plane. Inside, they can move about the cabin and interact with various products from overhead lights to seats and even individual components.

Omar Kadhim, ADS Head of Aerospace Business Development says: “We’re excited to finally launch this new tool for cabin and MRO buyers to explore the market. 3D web technology brings the cabin to life and allows SMEs to market themselves in a way that’s cost effective, fresh and engaging.”

Launched at AIX (Aircraft Interiors Expo), the ADS Digital Cabin is intended to support rather than replace the exhibitor sales process, and allows buyers, wherever they are, to engage with and compare products on a single platform.

Each seller can use 360-degree interactive images, video and product literature to populate product pages, while buyers can look at products from every angle, switch between nightlight and daylight (useful when visualising products that incorporate their own lighting elements) and contact the seller via the platform.

Users navigate using a visualised cabin layout or click to move between hotspots. The platform works with device accelerometers to give a full 360-degree view. Possibly the most innovative part of the product is its use of fully editable, photo-realistic CGI backdrops that, when projected onto the inside of linked virtual orbs, result in a lightning-fast experience that other virtual interactive spaces have typically struggled to deliver.

Robin Watson, Head of Studio at Ouno Creative says: “I’m really proud of our development team under Simon and Elroy, who had a clear vision, made it a reality and found a partner in ADS who could see it’s commercial value. We’ll certainly get some R&D tax relief on our efforts, but we’re also very keen to sell our new platform into other sectors, too. That’s why we were at Business Innovation South Expo this year!”

Ouno Creative are the team behind several recent award-winning and high-profile interactive experiences – for MSC Cruises, the European Space Agency, and SSE energy at COP26.

The ADS Digital Cabin is available here.


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