Roke wins £6.7m MOD contract

Tuesday October 5th, 2021

roke wins mod contract hampshire


Roke, a science and engineering company based in Romsey Hampshire, has been awarded a £6.7 million Ministry of Defence contract.


The Ministry of Defence is embracing far-reaching benefits of digitisation for its Land ISTAR programme, to transform how the British Army operates, integrates and sustains a persistent and decisive global presence.

A contract worth £6.7m has been awarded to Roke, the delivery partner for ZODIAC, which will act as the central nervous system for Land ISTAR. It marks the start of an Alpha development phase to de-risk the delivery of the Land ISTAR programme.

An integrated and distributed system of sensors, applications and underlying system architecture, Land ISTAR will enable the British Army to act with greater precision and speed. As the core project for the Land ISTAR programme, ZODIAC must provide the systems required to ingest data from all battlefield sensors and CJIIM (Combined, Joint, Inter-Agency, Intra-Governmental and Multinational) intelligence feeds. It will need to fuse, analyse and distribute the resulting intelligence to battlefield users, integrating across Land, Sea, Air, Space and Cyber, and with Allies.

Roke will be responsible for capturing requirements, initial design, solution architecture, risk reduction, and market assessment for further development during the Alpha phase of ZODIAC.

Paul MacGregor, Managing Director of Roke said: “Roke is proud to contribute to this important and bold transformation in support of the defence of our nation. ZODIAC will pioneer the use of next generation technologies, empowering and better protecting the British Army to think and act faster than our adversaries.

“Innovation will be the catalyst for everything we do. From harnessing our significant knowledge in physical sensors and communication systems to embedding new architectures and processing at the edge, drawing on the expertise of our Cubica colleagues who specialise in data fusion, machine learning and autonomy.“

Roke will also work closely with a trusted consortia of industry partners to refine the model of ZODIAC development further, ensuring the customer takes advantage of world-beating technical capabilities on a continuous and enduring basis.


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