UK Space Agency launches £2.6 million fund

Friday April 17th, 2020


A new £2.6 million fund has been launched by the UK Space Agency to bring forward space enabled technology to help tackle the unique problems the coronavirus outbreak has created.


The fund is now available for companies and universities to access to help fund projects that can develop hi-tech solutions to the challenges created by the pandemic.

Solutions could include satellite communications, satellite navigation, earth observation satellites or technology derived from human spaceflight. Successful applications will need to address at least one of the following:

  • Logistics within the health delivery system, e.g. with drone deliveries
  • Managing infectious disease outbreaks
  • Population health and wellbeing
  • Recovering health system function and handling backlogs after the crisis
  • Preparedness for future epidemics

Last year the UK Space Agency provided £5 million for new health technologies inspired by working in space to support NHS England. These included providing real-time diagnosis of bowel cancer, developing more compact 3D X-ray machines and a mobile app that provided exercise plans free from air pollution for those with medical conditions such as asthma.


Find out more and apply for funding here



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