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55 Hectares






Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight


Newport Harbour is an exciting redevelopment project aiming to breath new life into the harbour area through a comprehensive masterplan including a proposed east-west pedestrian-cycle river crossing offering an opportunity to deliver transformational regeneration.  Brownfield land adjacent to Newport Harbour, including three existing car parks.  The site is serviced by the Island main road network, providing easy access to ports, ferries and other major town and visitor attractions on the Island.  Options under consideration include restaurants, housing, commercial space, new car parking, higher education resources, a rebuild of the existing Riverside Centre, a new hotel and a cultural venue.  The project is intended to increase connectivity to the existing town centre, attract visitors, and ensure the future of the harbour by providing for maintenance and investment in harbour facilities.


Draft Local Plan site allocation status.  The proposals could also be adopted as planning policy, which will then be the framework for development over the next 20-25 years with the first projects on the ground in the next two or three years.


Newport is the principal town of the Isle of Wight, which is located in the centre of the Island and often referred to as its capital.  It has good public transport connections with all the Island’s main towns with the River Medina running through its centre.


  • Prime location within Newport
  • Walking distance from the centre
  • Well served by transport infrastructure and services
  • Unique harbour side environment
  • Residential-led mixed use development with opportunity for substantial leisure, tourism, retail and marine enterprise space


For more information view the Newport Harbour Masterplan Report, the Newport Harbour Masterplan website or request the brochure from the Isle of Wight Council.


Local authority: Isle of Wight Council
Landowner: Majority Ownership Isle of Wight Council


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