Mixed use town centre


25 hectares


Development / Investment


Andover Town Centre Regeneration, Test Valley

The opportunity / type

The phased redevelopment of a core part of Andover town centre to adapt to the changing face of retail, providing a blended offer based around, culture, leisure, F&B, evening economy and rationalised retail floor-space that will serve the rapidly-growing community of Andover in the 21century and beyond. Mixed use-residential, a rage of flexible office space, retail and community uses including a new theatre, leisure centre, and FE College.


A comprehensive Masterplan was adopted by the Council in September 2020. This is currently subject to detailed feasibility work, including capacity studies, market led development appraisals and ultimately tested and robust feasibility designs that will be deliverable. At the conclusion of this work the Council will be seeking the best match for a commercial development.


The Masterplan area of Andover Town Centre is divided into three quarters. Each quarter presents a number of exciting development opportunities that, when combined will unlock Andover’s potential and cement its long-term sustainable economic future. The masterplan area  includes The Lights theatre, Andover College, the new leisure centre, Andover Magistrates’ Court and three of Simplyhealth’s office buildings. Following the purchase of the Chantry Centre, the council is now a majority landowner and has the opportunity to fundamentally redevelop the town centre and ensure that it serves its growing community.


For more information view Andover Town Centre Vision and Masterplan website.



Local authority: Test Valley Borough Council
Partners: Andover/Sparsholt College and Simplyhealth


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