Land allocated in Local Plans are monitored and included in our data.


Planning applications validated and permitted are monitored and included in our data.


Starts and completions are monitored and included in our data.

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The Research feature of Land and Property Insights offers in depth research and analysis into the Hampshire markets.


The flow of land into the planning and development process is critical for the economy and the County’s prosperity.   The Hampshire property market is dictated by the law of supply and demand.  Our research therefore sheds important light on the land supply picture across the County publishing a variety of data sets informing policy and investment decisions.

Our Research is conducted by the Land Supply Team at Hampshire County Council who manage the Council’s Land Availability Monitoring System (LAMS),  an extensive planning database holding data in both tabular and spatial forms.  The database includes information on industrial, office, retail, leisure and residential uses.  Each year, the County Council with colleagues from partner local authorities undertake detailed surveys of the supply of land for each of these sectors.  This data subsequently informs Local Planning Authorities across Hampshire in monitoring delivery and the pipeline supply of allocated and committed sites.

The land supply surveys are undertaken in the Spring with a base date of 1 April.  The residential land survey includes sites capable of accommodating ten or more dwellings are provided with an estimate of their future rates of completion.  The commercial and retail & leisure land supply surveys include all sites with a gross floorspace gain of more than approx. 2,000 square feet.  Subsequent monitoring surveys are undertaken throughout the year for more regular updates of the larger sites or for specific research publication purposes.

The LAMS database includes:

For bespoke LAMS data requests or interest in commissioning research publications, please contact


Opportunity to sponsor upcoming research publications:

There are currently opportunities to sponsor upcoming research publications looking at the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the land and property markets in Hampshire.  For further details please contact or 07834 123265.


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